Twelve Month Employment

12 Month Employment Waiver and Evaluation Instrument

During the 2017 North Carolina General Assembly Legislative Session, the state statute concerning 12 month employment for agricultural education teachers at the high school level was changed (Read the legislation here). All agricultural education teachers at the high school level shall be employed for 12 calendar months; however, local boards of education may apply for a waiver to this law. The State Agricultural Education staff and the Department of Public Instruction CTE staff have created the waiver process and an evaluation instrument used to measure the quality of an agricultural education teacher's performance during their summer months of employment.  

  • 12 Months of Employment Waiver (updated in 2022)
    The purpose of this form is to request a waiver of twelve months of employment. All waivers must be submitted annually no later than April 15 for waivers to be in place for the following school year. This is an annual process/request. Decisions or waivers from previous years are not considered.
    Waiver of 12 Months of Employment (Word)
    Waiver of 12 Months of Employment (PDF)

  • Evaluation of Quality Twelve-Month Agricultural Education Teaching Positions
    There are 19 standards with an available 154 possible points.  The goal is to achieve 100 points.  The time period for the evaluation is a calendar year starting in January and ending in December. Teachers are responsible for logging their contacts, hours, and events.  At the conclusion of the calendar year, the evaluation should be discussed and signed off on by the teacher, the principal, and the CTE Director. 
    Evaluation Instrument (Word)
    Evaluation Instrument (PDF)

If you have questions about twelve month employment, please contact your regional coordinator.

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