Supervised Agricultural Experience

In agricultural education, learning has never started and stopped at the classroom door.

SAE for All

From its beginning in the early 1900s, agricultural education has always incorporated an authentic work-based or experiential component. Supervised Agricultural Experience, or SAE, provides students individualized opportunities to learn and develop real-world skills outside of the classroom beyond the school day.

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Today, record keeping is done online through The Agricultural Experience Tracker, or The AET. The North Carolina Agricultural Education team has provided a subscription to The AET for all agricultural education students in North Carolina at no cost. Contact your regional coordinator for help accessing or navigating The AET.

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Ag Explorer

Did you know that 1 in 3 people work in agriculture nationwide? Check out Ag Explorer to explore the 255 unique careers in agriculture. Not sure which career may be right for you? Use the interactive Career Finder to help open up a world of possibilities.

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