News: 2016 NC Tobacco Trust Fund Grants Available

2016 NC Tobacco Trust Fund Grants Available

Posted: Friday, November 06, 2015

Below is information for the 2015-16 North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission Agricultural Education Program Improvement Grant, including the application and guidelines. Applications must be received in the State Agricultural Education/FFA office by 5:00pm on December 16, 2015. Both a paper copy and electronic copy (flash drive, CD, or other method) of the application is required. If submitting by mail or courier service, please email, alerting him that you have mailed the application.

Applications will be scored by a panel of judges and ranked. The scoring rubric used by the judes is included below. Also included are some notes to applicants discussing important information concerning the grants. We hope to announce the grant winners on January 16, 2016 and the first half of the grant funds should begin arriving in mid-February. All grant projects must be completed by December 31, 2016.

Begin now to put together a quality application that is easy for the judges to understand and provides a clear picture of the scope and quality of the project. Provide sound rationale as to how this grant will benefit your program, your students and the agricultural industry in your area. Cost estimates discussed in the applications should be accurate and reasonable. The maximum grant amount is $5,000 per program. Only one grant application can be submitted per agricultural education program. There are no restrictions on the number of grant applications per school system. Private and charter school agricultural education programs are eligible to receive the grant.

Priority will be given to those agricultural education programs that submit a quality application that have NOT received prior grants. Programs that have received prior grants are still eligible to apply.

Please contact Gerald Barlowe if you have any questions.

Grant Application

Scoring Guide

Notes to Applicants



Gerald K. Barlowe
State Agricultural Education Leader
State FFA Advisor
North Carolina State University
919-515-4206 office
910-385-5084 cell