News: Corinth Holders FFA Chapter Highlight

Corinth Holders FFA Chapter Highlight

Posted: Friday, February 25, 2022

The Corinth Holders FFA Chapter was busy staying engaged to the community, focusing on the environment, showing appreciation and engaging stakeholders. The Expansion of Tweet! About Conservation helped with students to be able to observe habitat establishments in the boxes. Students got to use their skills learned in Ag Mechanics to attach the snake guards to the boxes. The boxes were also cleaned out to rid of the hold nest. Even though bluebirds will build on the old nest, students shared in their findings that cleaning out the boxes minimized the risk of parasites.

Covid brought challenges but the chapter adapted and still made an impact! All of the students worked hard to create cards and create prepackaged snack bags to share with the drivers. Snacks are normally donated, but were purchased by the chapter this year to trace where they came from. Due to new temperature check regulations as students get off the bus this year, we decided to move our card and treat distribution to when drivers returned back to school after their morning route and give us time to give a much bigger appreciated thank you.

Community members gathered around the greenhouse to get plants grown by the FFA members at Corinth. While they waited they got to hear about the Ag Mechanics and Animal Science programs. Advisors, members and our supporters were able to support our program. Students worked with parents and community members promoting our program. Students spent time sharing their knowledge about the plants. Students worked together to help the chapter and stakeholders.