News: Agricultural Education Cohort Program

Agricultural Education Cohort Program

Posted: Tuesday, September 05, 2023

The Agricultural Education Cohort Program is designed to empower its participants to grow professionally and personally. A draft schedule that includes both in-person and online components is available for review. The specific program objectives and outcomes are listed below. Applicant selection is occuring now and recipients will be notified in September. 

Program Objectives

  • Self discovery of personal and professional strengths. 

  • Develop leadership skills of participants.

  • Connect with state and industry leaders in agriculture to broaden their understanding of agriculture in North Carolina.

Program Outcomes

  • Grow the leadership capacity of the participants.

  • Increase retention of the participants as agricultural education teachers. 

To apply, program participants completed an application that outlined their accomplishments and areas for growth as an agriculture teacher. The application also required a signed letter of support from the applicant’s principal to be submitted via email to