News: 85th National Convention Wrap Up

85th National Convention Wrap Up

Posted: Thursday, November 01, 2012

The North Carolina FFA Association was well represented at the 85th National FFA Convention this year.  North Carolina FFA members experienced the excitement of the national convention by continuing to live to serve with over 55,000 members from across the nation.

FFA members from North Carolina also earned special recognition through their hard work and determination in several different areas.

  • Millbrook placed 7th in the Agricultural Communications Career Development Event.
  • Olivia Pearson of the West Lincoln FFA Chapter was a Gold emblem individual in the Dairy Handlers’ Activity.
  • Bartlett Yancey placed 1st in the Environmental and Natural Resources Career Development Event.  Kraig Tuner of Bartlett Yancey was the 5th highest scoring individual.
  • Chatham Central placed 4th in the Floriculture Career Development Event.  Ethan Mason of Chatham Central was the 2nd highest scoring individual.
  • Sun Valley placed 5th in the Food Science and Technology Career Development Event.  Liz Keech of Sun Valley was the 10th highest scoring individual.
  • Kendall Wolford of Wake Forest-Rolesville was the 6th highest scoring individual in the Horse Evaluation Career Development Event.
  • Southern Alamance placed 1st in the Nursery Landscape Career Development Event.  Jess Patterson, Drew Riggins, and Colton Robertson were the 1st, 2nd, and 5th highest scoring individuals respectively.
  • Southern Guilford placed 2nd in the Veterinary Science Career Development Event.  Ashley Lund of the Crest FFA Chapter was the 9th highest scoring individual.
  • The Rosewood FFA Chapter was a model of innovation finalist in the National Chapter Award.
  • Betsy Murphy of the J.F. Webb FFA Chapter placed 2nd in the Environmental/Natural Resources Systems Division 1 of the Agriscience Fair.
  • Mr. Steven W. Troxler, Commissioner of Agriculture for North Carolina, and Zane Hedgecock were both awarded the Honorary American Degree.
  • The North Carolina FFA Association was recognized with another Membership Growth Award for the second consecutive year in a row!
  • The Crossroads Christian Academy FFA Chapter designed, constructed and staffed the North Carolina FFA Association Hall of States Booth.
  • Thirty-three North Carolina FFA Members earned their American FFA Degrees at the National Convention!
  • Thank you to Emma Cannon, Morgan Barbour, Adam Byrd, Zack Davis, Ben Rice, Taylor Craig, Ethan Bernhardt, Tanasha Peterson-Quintana, Jessica Resor, Will Daly, Abby Whitaker, Jamie Murphy, Danielle Blake, Garrett Boyd, and Don Byrd who served as delegates to the convention representing the North Carolina FFA Association.
  • The North Carolina FFA Alumni Association was recognized for 100% State Officer Life Membership in the National FFA Alumni Association for 2011-2012 and a silver ranking for the alumni affiliates newsletter.

Congratulations to all FFA members, advisors, and chapters for your participation and for representing the North Carolina FFA Association in such a positive manner!  Let us continue to grow though our passion, commitment, communities, future, influence, voice, vision, and purpose.  Let’s Grow!