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Email List-Serv

The North Carolina FFA Association uses a list-serv provided by North Carolina State University to provide electronic correspondence. The list-serv allows teachers/advisors to subscribe to the list in order to ensure the most up to date announcements. You may subscribe to the list-serv using your school email and/or personal email based on your needs.

Instructions for Signing Up

  1. Open a blank email
  2. In the address line enter:
  3. Leave the subject line blank
  4. In the body of the email only type: subscribe ncffa-info
  5. Ensure that there is no signature at the bottom on your emails. If there is a signature, it must be disabled when sending this email.
  6. Send the email
  7. You should receive two emails concerning the list serve within several hours. One will say that the subscription did not succeed, delete this email. The other will include a link, click the link and click the accept button on the screen that appears.

You are now on the North Carolina FFA List-Serv!

Problems or Questions? Please contact: Megan Blanke at

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